Training at MT Højgaard

Courses targeted your needs

We believe that people have a natural desire to develop themselves and constantly becoming more capable. Training is an investment in the future, and we thus focus on constantly developing our staff competences.

You can for example work in various business areas, change job internally in the Group and participate in the many different types of project that we bid for. We also aim to strengthen and develop your theoretical foundation and offer courses and training that are targeted to your needs.

Formalised training courses

At MT Højgaard you can attend formalised training courses. You are also welcome to contact us concerning possible collaboration on your final year project or thesis work.

If your are a salaried employee, we will identify your need for development together with your manager at the annual staff development interview, which takes place January - April. We gather the needs of the individual employee, the individual departments and the entire company.

Project Manager programme 

Since it is crucial to our business that we have capable staff, we have our own internal Project Manager programme, which provides efficient project management tools that our staff learn to use in practice.

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Final year projects and thesis work

Contact us if you would like to write your final year project or thesis work about MT Højgaard.

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MT Højgaard Project Manager programme

The Project Manager programme is an ambitious internal modular course.

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Recruitment procedure

Our recruitment procedure involves an introductory interview.

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