Long-term perspective prevents run-down schools

School of the Year in 2013

Nordstjerneskolen was voted School of the Year in 2013, and not without reason.

The unique, star-shaped school was designed to house two classes in each of the five points of the star; each with their own, special environment and decor.

As a result, the 1200 students experience a change in atmosphere as they get older and progress through their schooling.

This is perhaps to be expected of a completely new, state-of-the-art school, but in 25 years Nordstjerneskolen will still come across as well-maintained, welcoming and capable of meeting the classroom requirements of the time.

Long-term planning

The secret is the long-term planning behind the school, which was built by a so-called Public Private Partnership (PPP).

The Municipality of Frederikshavn owns the school but it was built by MT Højgaard as the turnkey contractor, and DEAS is responsible for its operation and maintenance.

Due to the agreement, the local authority is able to concentrate on other tasks and does not need to worry about surprises on the maintenance account for the next 25 years.

Optimised construction

Nordstjerneskolen was, therefore, designed and built based on a long-term view of the overall economy during the entire contract period.

The building is energy-efficient and partially supplied by 800 square metres of solar panels on the roof.

The panels supply up to 100,000 kWh, equivalent to the electricity consumption of 20 single-family houses. The school was built based on energy requirements expected to apply in 2020. This means that the building will remain abreast of energy requirements for many years to come.

Interior design can be modified as requirements change, as the walls are a mixture of concrete and gypsum.

All in all, flexibility and multi-functionality were keywords in the design of the school. The selected materials are easy to maintain on the outside, hard-wearing on the inside and durable.

This is of benefit to the indoor climate, the children's well-being and, in the long term, operating economy.

Building on experience

The long-term perspective on operation and overall economy results in schools quite different in nature from those we are used to seeing.

By selecting to build in a PPP, the developer is able to draw on MT Højgaard's expertise and many years of experience from as early as the design and planning phases. This adds value for the daily users of the building and gives maximum quality for money.

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In addition to Nordstjerneskolen, MT Højgaard and DEAS in collaboration with DnB NOR Bank have been awarded yet another PPP project.

The contract is to build a multi-storey car park for Randers regional hospital. This makes the team the most experienced PPP enterprise in Denmark.

The team is also behind projects such as Vildbjerg School in the Municipality of Herning, Ørsted School on Langeland and the Danish Registration Court in Hobro, all three built as PPP projects.


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The cost of operation and maintenance for the next 25 years is well known and there is no better setting for learning than Nordstjerneskolen.


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