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Working under pressure

10 March 2011

Two weeks and a bit. That was the time it took to jack 22 rectangular concrete elements under the busy road Lyngbyvejen.

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A 135 ton “shock absorber” on rails

3 November 2010

– It must be possible to do this in a smarter way, thought MT Højgaard engineering manager Jesper Aksglæde.

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A bomb under the Glyptotek

12 August 2008

When one of Denmark's most popular museums needed to be refurbished internally, we had to take many things into consideration.

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Building 40 metres under Copenhagen

1 May 2007

It might look like an extension to Copenhagen's Metro, but it isn't.

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Creating innovative improvements

2 April 2007

It's not a graphics error. We have deliberately made the photo look this way.

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Developing a paradise for the curious

24 May 2007

Danfoss Universe is Danfoss’ science and experience park in Nordborg on the island of Als.

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We know how to create the right impression

29 January 2007

"Elephant's skin" facade for the concert hall.

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A challenging location

25 May 2010

Over a seven-month period beginning in October 2008, we installed the 49 monopile foundations for the Gunfleet Sands Offshore Wind Farm project.

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How to bridge cultural gaps

4 November 2008

To shoulder the task we had to get on speaking terms with 33,000 Sri Lankans.

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How to trim a building

3 April 2007

To show a collaboration partner how important teamwork is to us, we put 7 buckets on the table to symbolise the 7 professions on a building site.

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New offshore project

26 May 2010

MT Højgaard has been awarded a major contract to design, fabricate, transport and install the offshore foundations for the Lincs offshore wind farm.

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News in brief

20 May 2010

MT Højgaard Offshore at “Offshore Wind 2010”, Liverpool

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Offshore wind turbine foundations

2 April 2007

We know how to build offshore wind turbine foundations.

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On playing cello, refurbishment and a better way of building

Andreas is a client consultant, who also plays the cello. And that is actually one of the reasons why we finished 6 weeks ahead of schedule.

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We know how to keep to an impossible timetabel

5 February 2007

We built Odense-Svendborg Railway Bridge 30 metres away from the track.

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The Faroe tunnel

21 May 2010

In 2009 we were awarded a contract by the Faroese energy company SEV for the establishment of an 8.4 km bored tunnel on the Faroe Islands.

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The installation phase of Sheringham Shoal

24 May 2010

The installation phase of the Sheringham Shoal wind farm project will start at the beginning of June.

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We prepare our people well

8 April 2009

Preliminary investigations for one of the world's largest molybdenum mines.

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We work like the wind

15 May 2008

In Esbjerg harbour, where the water level fluctuates 1½ metres every six hours, it's normal procedure to adjust the work plan according to the tide.

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