How to trim a building

3 April 2007

Then we all join in playing a collaboration game, and when the game is finished, everyone round the table has a good understanding of how important it is to cooperate on a building site – to keep to agreements and work towards a shared goal.

And that is really the best possible foundation for creating solid, effective and responsible collaboration in every building project.

TrimBuild - the way to effective building

The game is part of a more far-reaching concept we call TrimBuild which, besides creating better collaboration, helps ensure a more effective building process, shorter construction times, fewer workplace accidents and better results for all involved.

We get these results because TrimBuild turns traditional thinking on its head by redefining roles and responsibilities.

Systematised common sense

TrimBuild is essentially about responsibility, collaboration, common sense and precise planning - systematised in a simple but highly effective way.

TrimBuild involves a number of fixed procedures which ensure that everyone receives the exact information they need to keep to the timetable - down to the smallest detail.

TrimBuild allows project managers for each building task to select precisely those elements that they need.
In other words it isn't the building project which is organized around TrimBuild, but TrimBuild which is organized around the building project. That is an enormous advantage, for no two building projects are ever the same.



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