Press releases 2011

Higher volume of orders but failing profit

22 November 2011

The Group's revenue for the first three quarters of 2011 totalled DKK 6.6 billion compared with DKK 6.0 billion in the same period last year.Read the press release

MT Højgaard and Seatower join forces

22 November 2011

MT Højgaard and Seatower offer new foundations developed specifically for the deeper waters and bigger turbines that will soon become prevalent in European offshore wind projects.Read more

MT Højgaard changes its outlook for 2011

10 November 2011

Despite a generally stable development in activities, the Group's profit outlook for 2011 must be adjusted after the latest assessments of particular projects.Read more

New Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in MT Højgaard A/S

4 October 2011

By mutual agreement Johnny Rasmussen retires from his position as CFO in MT Højgaard A/S as of today. On 10 October 2011 Flemming Steen takes up the position as new Chief Financial Officer. Read press release

MT Højgaard's revenue 12 per cent up

30 August 2011

Revenue of DKK 4.3 billion in the first half of 2011 compared with DKK 3.9 billion in the same period last year.Press release

Focusing of MT Højgaard's core business

30 August 2011

In future the activities in MT Højgaard's core business will be united in the two focused business areas: Civil Engineering and Construction.Read press release

MT Højgaard to build Novo Nordisk's new headquarters

30 August 2011

MT Højgaard is to build new headquarters for Novo Nordisk in Bagsværd. The building project amounting to DKK 700 million emphasises energy efficiency.Read press release

Maintenance centre for Cityringen

16 June 2011

MT Højgaard to build maintenance centre for Cityringen. It will be used to operate and maintain the metro trains, it will cost DKK 268 million and is ready for use in 2018.Read press release

Increase in MT Højgaard's revenue

24 May 2011

Despite the market still being tough the volume of orders was DKK 8.8 billion at the end of the first quarter...Read press release

MT Højgaard achieved acceptable results in a difficult year

24 March 2011

As was the case for other businesses in the construction and civil engineering industry, 2010 was a difficult year for MT Højgaard. Read press release