Press Releases 2014

MT Højgaard reports operating profit and cash flow improvements

19 November 2014

The Group generated Q3 operating profit of DKK 72 million before special items, the best quarterly performance in five years. Management upgrades its expectations for 2014 operating profit to DKK 175–200 million.Read more

MT Højgaard wins project in Qatar

10 November 2014

Construction of a new concrete bridge and creation of a sandy beach, a swimming area and coastal protection represent the first major project for MT Højgaard in Qatar. The contract has a value of DKK 77 million.Read more

MT Højgaard to build 17 stations for the Cityringen

3 November 2014

Metroselskabet have awarded MT Højgaard the assignment worth approxi-mately DKK 570 million to complete the stations on the Cityringen metro line being built in Copenhagen.Read more

MT Højgaard’s Thule activities to be scaled down

31 October 2014

Thule Air Base operations and maintenance contract to expire by 30 September 2015.Read more

MT Højgaard expands airport in the Maldives

28 October 2014

Soon more international tourists will be able to fly directly to the southern Atolls of the Maldives. MT Højgaard is to upgrade the Gan Airport to international standard.Read more

MT Højgaard’s old offshore litigations brought to an end

12 October 2014

The Group ordered to pay partial damages in recent litigation.Read more

Now construction of 42 exclusive homes in Copenhagen begins

7 October 2014

MT Højgaard has entered into a contract with Bricks A/S to build STRANDPROMENADEN which consists of 42 homes with a sea view at Østerbro in Copenhagen. The luxury homes will be built with materials of the very highest quality. Read more

MT Højgaard achieved a positive operating result and cash flow growth in the first half-year

28 August 2014

The Group's operating result excluding special items was DKK 16 million in the first half-year of 2014 compared to a loss of DKK 18 million in the same period last year.Expectations of an operating profit of DKK 150-225 million in 2014 are main-tained.Read more

New concept for offshore wind turbine foundations promises excellent environmental and financial advantages

21 August 2014

In a few months, the first of a new generation of concrete foundations will be installed for the first time in the English Channel. Optimised production methods and easy installation concept opens up the possibility of major deepwater offshore wind turbine parks.Read more

Steady growth in MT Højgaard's operating result

19 May 2014

The Group improves its operating result compared to Q1 2013, and management's expectations for 2014 remain unchanged. The overall result is, however, adversely affected by DKK 195 million after losing an old offshore dispute that we are now seeking to appeal.Read more

New techniques for foundation installation reduce the cost of future offshore wind

8 May 2014

– We expect that this type of foundation combined with the method of installation can be a game changer in the market and can lead to considerable installation cost savings, says Kim R. Andersen, Vice President, MT Højgaard, Offshore & Steel Bridges.Read more

MT Højgaard found responsible in old offshore case

15 April 2014

MT Højgaard will seek permission to appeal the ruling to The Court of Appeal, but the ruling will have a negative effect on the financial result for 2014.Read more

MT Højgaard wins a new large project in Vejle

25 March 2014

New psychiatric ward with a total value of about DKK 930 million will be built in a public-private partnership (PPP) with DEAS as the operational partner and the pension funds: PensionDanmark, PKA and SamPension as financing partners. Read more

MT Højgaard increased profitability in 2013

7 March 2014

Profit from ordinary activities of DKK 35 million as expected. Substantial intake of orders in the final quarter of the year.Read more

MT Højgaard announces new board members

4 March 2014

The parent companies recommend three new candidates for election to the Group's board of directors.Read more

Greenlandic raw materials are worthless

30 January 2014

Feature printed in Danish newspaper Berlingske 30 January 2014: The poor economy of Greenland will not benefit from the underground minerals unless these are extracted.Read more