MT Højgaard announces new board member

16 March 2016

Christine Thorsen was nominated by the two owners of the MT Højgaard Group, Højgaard Holding A/S (54%) and Monberg & Thorsen A/S (46%).

Christine Thorsen was born in 1958 and is a Danish citizen. She has experience working in the building contractor sector, for instance in Monberg & Thorsen, and in senior executive positions in the media industry. Moreover, she holds an MBA in change management, a Master of Management of Technology from Denmark's Technical University and a diploma degree in management psychology from INSEAD. She is the founder and manager of the consultancy firm Dynamic Approach. Her other directorships include Ejnar og Meta Thorsens Fond (chairman), ANT-fonden (chairman) and Monberg & Thorsen (ordinary member since 2008).

The Board of Directors then consists of the following six members elected by the General Meeting:

  • Søren Bjerre-Nielsen (chairman)
  • Niels Lykke Graugaard (vice-chairman)
  • Carsten Bjerg
  • Pernille Fabricius
  • Ole Røsdahl
  • Christine Thorsen

In addition, there are three members elected by the employees:

  • Irene Chabior
  • Vinnie Sunke Heimann
  • John Sommer