A career as Tender Estimator is an education in itself

Christian Emil Thøgersen is a tender estimator at MT Højgaard, where he is part of establishing tender strategies and calculating sharp prices during submission of tenders in the bidding process. This way, he is part of formulating the best possible tenders. Christian appreciates working with competent colleagues with several years of experience within the contracting business.

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Even back when Christian Emil Thøgersen went to commercial college he had an interest in MT Højgaard, when he wrote his specialised study project on the company. Last year, when Christian wrote his master's thesis, he chose to do so in collaboration with MT Højgaard, where he was hired as a student assistant in Virtual Design and Construction (VDC). Christian chose a career as Tender Estimator in July 2016, upon completing his education in Global Business Engineering.

The job as Tender Estimator requires a variety of different skills including perspective and an understanding of complexity, Christian explains. “I am, among other things, responsible for tenders and calculations on large design-builds and main contracts, and I’m also a part of making winning strategies for the projects we bid on. It’s incredibly exciting to be a part of contract negotiations and to work within so many different areas, as you do when you work with tenders and MT Højgaard,” he adds.

Competent colleagues

Christian enjoys being a part of a workday where advanced tasks are solved in a good environment with excellent co-operation, and he likes being a part of a department and company with highly competent specialists, who share their wisdom and experience. “I’m learning so much. The job is an education in itself. My colleagues have a very high level of professionalism. Additionally, they are also very open to applying new methods and competences. As an example I have utilised my experiences in VDC in my job as a Tender Estimator,” Christian states.

When everything falls into place

No two days are the same for Christian. Alterations to a project occur all the time, which means you have to be adaptable. For Christian the reward comes when everything falls into place, and you succeed with the perfect tender where the architect’s, the engineer’s and the client’s visions and financial demands all come together.

Dreaming of the future

In the future, Christian dreams of becoming a tender manager where the responsibilities are even greater, and where you, to a greater extend, get to shape the projects of MT Højgaard. However, according to Christian, you don’t just get more responsibility. “If you show that you’re a part of creating value and a good working environment, you get to grow within this environment,” he concludes.

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