The latest technology plays a central role in MT Højgaard’s construction of the shell structure for the new Aalborg University Hospital (NAU), a 155,000 sq m super hospital.

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The opportunities offered by MT Højgaard’s graduate programme opened the door to Frederik Riis-Pedersen’s career as a BIM specialist. Indeed, the opportunities still keep coming.
Frederik Riis-Pedersen has just returned from a couple of weeks of training in BIM and VDC in the US. BIM and VDC are the cornerstones of MT Højgaard’s strategy to increase productivity in the construction and civil engineering sectors and as a BIM specialist, Frederik is helping to train other employees in BIM and VDC.

However, during his studies to become a structural engineer there were no signs that his career would take him into the world of digital construction: the opportunity presented itself in the final phase of his time as a graduate at MT Højgaard.

From construction engineer to BIM specialist

For the first part of the programme, Frederik worked as a construction engineer on the construction of Moesgaard Museum where he had also spent time as an intern. For the second part, he worked as a construction engineer on the carpentry contract for the construction of Novo Nordisk’s new head office.

- On the Novo construction, I worked with a BIM co-ordinator and because I could see the possibilities in it, I requested that the final part of my programme could be at MT Højgaard’s BIM department. I’ve now become a BIM specialist and am helping to launch new projects with the New Aalborg University Hospital. I also teach at our internal courses and give presentations on BIM and VDC for customers, students and at conferences, says Frederik Riis-Pedersen, who completed his graduate programme in 2015.

Potential for further development

Frederik became aware of the graduate programme when he spent time as an intern during the construction of Moesgaard Museum and it was one of the reasons that Frederik joined MT Højgaard. 

- The programme offers potential because of its diversity. That, combined with the chance to return to Moesgaard, which was a really interesting project, made me opt for MT Højgaard, which in itself is an exciting company.

He’s pleased he made the decision because when he completed the graduate programme, the opportunities kept coming.

- I’ve just completed the third and final part of MT Højgaard’s project management training course. The company offers so many opportunities that you can follow the path that you think is interesting. Consequently, you are always allowed to develop your professional skills, says Frederik Riis-Pedersen.

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