Graduate position provides insight and a network

A graduate position at MT Højgaard provides a good insight into the company, a broad network and the opportunity to try several different things before deciding what exactly you want to work on. Niklas Larsson is currently seeing what working life is like as a graduate.

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For Niklas Larsson, an internship led to a job as a student assistant, which in turn led to a graduate position at MT Højgaard. Since the summer of 2015 he has been employed as a graduate and this has allowed him to work in several different departments within the company. 

“The position helps me develop my understanding of the process of a project from start to finish. I also have the opportunity to build a network across the organisation, develop my skills and this all helps me to understand the business really well,” says Niklas Larsson.

Networking in the company

He spent his first nine months in Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), after which he was stationed in Norway for another six months, where he helped to implement VDC.

“I wore several hats in the role. Usually there are several people involved in the process of finding the right skills to solve an assignment using VDC, but I was the only one working with VDC, so I was involved in all the processes,” says Niklas.

Niklas is a trained carpenter and later on graduated as a structural engineer. It was a bit of a coincidence that he joined MT Højgaard.

“My study mate had been to an interview for the construction of the new patient wing at Rigshospitalet and had heard that they were looking for other employees. I became an apprentice in their carpentry department, then I was employed as a student assistant and, in the summer of 2015, I was taken on as a graduate. I think the technical and digital areas are exciting so that's what I want to focus on. And these are exactly the areas where MT Højgaard's business is really taking off,” Niklas says.

A graduate becomes permanent and spends three to three and a half years working in a number of different departments. There is a possibility of being posted abroad and, as a graduate, Niklas builds a company wide network as he passes through these departments. 

“It gives you a huge network and is a great way to get into the business. I think it's a great introduction to the job that you also know how the other departments work. It provides a lot of opportunities to co-operate across the departments, and you can get a sense of how they can work better,” says Niklas. 

The way forward

Niklas is now employed as a tender estimator in the Tender Department, where he is getting a completely different understanding of the company. He will move on to another position in the company in a few months.

“It gives you an understanding of how the tender process works and I get to see how it can work with VDC. My final position has to have something to do with VDC in the company, and I would like to become visually and technically adept on the computer, where I can geek out into the depths of the technology. I think working with 3D models is the way forward; and I could either continue with the old school approach or go forward with VDC,” says Niklas Larsson. 

As a VDC consultant, he worked on virtual projects and ensured that all details were thought through in advance. An additional benefit was that all the changes were incorporated into the design phase so that an overview of the economics of the project could quickly be achieved. 

“I would like to combine my construction skills with digitalisation at MT Højgaard, with the purpose of advancing the company's expertise and understanding of digitalisation. A combination of the two things is essential and it is an area that is constantly evolving. It’s possible to think out of the box and we need to do so,” says Niklas.

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