Technology and gadgets have always been a big part of Viet Tuan Paul Pham's life. And with the job he has, it will certainly continue to be like that.

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Influencing the technological development

“The current trend in the construction industry is for the process to be implemented virtually before being built in practice. It’s really exciting to be involved in influencing this development,” says Viet, who is living his dream as a VDC consultant at MT Højgaard.

Influencing the technological development

Viet graduated in structural engineering at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). He finished in early 2014, after which he started his own consulting business. He quickly got a major assignment for the BIM office at DTU. Through this, he and his colleagues were invited to visit MT Højgaard's VDC Lab in Søborg. Viet was immediately fascinated by all the opportunities VDC offered and swiftly applied for a position as a result.

“MT Højgaard fortunately agreed that VDC and I were a good match,” he smiles.

“I can honestly say that I have my dream job. I’m helping to influence the technological development of the entire construction industry, and every day is about creating something that was a remote vision of the future just a few years ago,” he says.

Virtual Reality is the construction industry's fitting room

For Viet, it is now almost routine to work with, for example, 3D printing, but then it is fortunate that there are always new opportunities to shape the development.

“At the moment, I’m working on everything from operation to drones, and I’ve helped launch Virtual Reality (VR) at MT Højgaard. We now have the ability to offer our clients a tour around buildings that do not yet exist. With VDC we digitise the entire building, then the client puts on VR glasses so he/she can see how everything will look,” explains Viet and compares the experience with something as simple as buying new shoes:

“If I need a pair of new shoes, I go to a shop and try them on first to see if they fit. With VR we can imitate the fitting-room experience in the construction industry. We allow our customers to try their building first so they can see if everything fits before they buy it,” he concludes.

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