MT Højgaard appoints new IT director from Maersk

30. January 2012

The commercial importance of IT in the construction industry continues to grow. Denmark's largest construction and civil engineering company is strengthening its focus on technology by appointing an IT director from A.P. Moller-Maersk A/S.

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Kerny Ustrup will join MT Højgaard on 1 February as the company's new IT director. Prior to the appointment, Kerny Ustrup was Head of Governance & Strategy/Group IT in Maersk, where he acquired solid international experience in optimising and standardising IT in order to deliver the best possible service to the business and to customers.

─ IT has become a significant competition parameter in major projects in the construction and civil engineering industry, both in Denmark and internationally. So it was important to us to attract an experienced IT director and we look very much forward to commencing our collaboration with Kerny. He will ensure that we achieve the maximum from the business potential of our IT systems, says Flemming Steen, Chief Financial Officer of MT Højgaard.

Digitalisation in the form of BIM (Building Information Modelling), which enables the creation of very accurate 3D models of even the tiniest details in a construction or civil engineering project, has gained a strong foothold in the industry. It provides multiple benefits both for clients and contractors, including precise calculation of the quantities of materials needed, minimising of defects and avoidance of waste.

MT Højgaard is today among the leaders in BIM and other digital solutions in the construction industry. This is necessary to maintain competitiveness, both in Denmark and on the international markets.

─ To build a property such as the new 50,000 m2 Novo Nordisk domicile, or to design and install 111 offshore wind turbine foundations, which we are currently executing off the island of Anholt, requires a comprehensive overview from the project manager. The competition parameters in our industry are price, quality and risk management, so we have some advanced programmes for calculation, project management and quality assurance, says Flemming Steen. Kerny Ustrup will now help MT Højgaard to increase the return from these programmes – and many others.

─ Developments in the construction and civil engineering industry seem to be going in the same direction as in the shipping industry, where IT has advanced from being a tool to become an integrated part of the company's product. In some areas, it has greater significance for the profitability of the business than the ships. I look forward to putting my efforts into influencing the development of a completely different industry, where I see great business potential for exploiting the technology, says Kerny Ustrup.

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