MT Højgaard technology wins EU environmental prize

23. March 2012

The construction and civil engineering company is awarded a prize for develop-ing a unique technology for air purification and air exchange in livestock housing units.

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Ammonia gas, greenhouse gases and obnoxious odours from slurry in livestock housing units is close to becoming a thing of the past thanks to MT Højgaard's newly developed air purification and air exchange technology.

The highly-praised and patented environmental technology will now also receive the European Business Award for the Environment in Denmark. The award is given to the most environmentally conscious companies in Europe.

The award was presented by the Minister for the Environment Ida Auken on Friday 23 March at 14:00 at Ingeniørhuset, Kalvebod Brygge, in Copenhagen.

Ambitious objectives

The prize-winning environmental technology is the result of MT Højgaard's focus on product development for the livestock housing market. When the company established the agricultural division Agri four years ago, there was a clear objective," says divisional director Hans Jørgen Petersen:

- We didn't want to build just another livestock housing unit for farmers to choose. We set ourselves the task – in all immodesty – of building the best livestock housing unit with much lower energy usage and far less obnoxious emissions.

The agricultural division had a free hand to develop technical solutions to the environmental challenges faced by both the agricultural industry and communities in the vicinity of livestock housing units. The result was the development of the air purification and air exchange system Environment Defender, which in 2009 won a prize at the Agromek international agricultural trade fair in Herning, Denmark.

Unrivalled air purification

Environment Defender is a patented air carpet technology built into MT Højgaard's livestock housing units for cows and pigs. The system collects up ammonia gas, greenhouse gases and obnoxious odours directly from source with a carpet of air drawn over the surface of the slurry. The air stream is then purified and vented from the housing unit.

Environment Defender removes 75 percent of the harmful gases, which is unique for an open livestock housing unit and more than twice as good as the alternatives.

In the running for the overall EU award

On behalf of the Ministry of the Environment and the EU Commission, the Danish Society of Engineers is organising the European Business Awards for the Environment in Denmark. The adjudicating committee comprises representatives from the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs, the Confederation of Danish Industry, the Economic Council of the Labour Movement, Denmark's Environmental Preservation Association, the Danish Federation of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and the Danish Society of Engineers.

The prize is awarded nationally in member states every second year, and the winners in the various categories of the European Business Awards for the Environment go forward to compete for the awards for the whole of the EU.

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