Torben Biilmann to be new President and CEO of MT Højgaard

22. May 2012

MT Højgaard's Board of Directors has decided to appoint Torben Biilmann as new President and CEO of MT Højgaard. Torben Biilmann comes from a position as CEO in NCC. He will take up his position on the 1st of November 2012.

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Chairman of the Board, Helge Israelsen, says: 

- The Board is pleased that Torben Biilmann has accepted the job. MT Højgaard is a strong and competent company with a great potential. With his wide knowledge of the industry, Torben is, in the opinion of the Board, the exact right person to fulfil this potential and to ensure the continued development of MT Højgaard's activities.

- It is clear to everyone that we face some challenges at the moment - our results show as much. Therefore, we have initiated several initiatives to restructure MT Højgaard, so that the company once again can become profitable. These include a tightening of our geographical focus and of the risk model used for selecting new projects. Accordingly, the Board finds it important that Torben continues MT Højgaard's efforts to create a sound business. A job with which he has had much experience in at NCC.Torben Biilmann says:

- MT Højgaard is a big and exciting company with a central position in the industry. The company is experiencing a rapid development and I look forward to taking part in realising its large potential. At the same time I am drawn by fact that MT Højgaard is a company from which many people expect great things.

Member of the Board Jørgen Nicolajsen became acting President and CEO of MT Højgaard on 14 March 2012 and will continue as such until Torben Biilmann takes up his position on the 1st of November 2012.

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