The installation of 111 foundations at the Anholt Offshore Wind Farm has been completed - as planned

Friday 27 July MT Højgaard installed the final of the 111 foundations for Denmark's largest offshore wind farm off the coast of Anholt. Thorough preparatory work has resulted in an effective and quick installation of the foundations.

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The MT Højgaard crew was both excited and happy when the installation vessel Jumbo Javelin at 22:45 finished the final foundation for the 111 wind turbines at the Anholt Offshore Wind Farm in Kattegat between Grenaa and Anholt.

The foundations consist of two parts: a steel pipe with a diameter of 5.35 meters and between 37 and 55 meters long, weighing 267 to 460 tons. The steel pipes are called monopiles. On top of the monopiles a transition piece is placed - on which the wind turbine is installed. The transition piece is approx. 15 meters tall and weighs about 200 tons. The final monopile was installed last Wednesday by HLV Swan, while the vessel Jumbo Javelin lifted the last transition piece into place on Friday evening.

─ We installed the first monopile into the seabed on New Year's Eve, and since then we have almost been working around the clock to solve the task. Prior to the installation phase lots of technical calculations and a comprehensive logistic work have been carried out. And when taking into consideration that we work at sea with very heavy and technical equipment it all came together, says Kim R Andersen, Director of Offshore in MT Højgaard.

MT Højgaard has been responsible from fabrication to installation of the foundations, and Kim R Andersen emphasizes that the good working relationship with the project partners have contributed to the quick and smooth process.

In parallel with the installation of the 111 foundations for Anholt Offshore Wind Farm, MT Højgaard has also completed the installation of 75 foundations for Lincs Offshore Wind Farm in the United Kingdom.

─ MT Højgaard has - as one of the only players in the market - proved that we can manage two such major projects in parallel, Kim R Andersen adds.

Delivery of electricity this year

The wind farm is built by DONG Energy, and Project Director Flemming Thomsen from DONG Energy is satisfied that the wind farm now is in the next construction phase.

─ The installation of the foundations and our collaboration with MT Hojgaard and the other players has worked really well. On such a large project, there will always be challenges, but careful planning has resulted in always finding the right solution quickly. Now with the foundations in place - we have taken a big step toward being ready to supply green energy to the Danes, says Flemming Thomsen.

In September the installation of wind turbines will begin. Anholt Offshore Wind Farm is scheduled begin delivery of electricity to the Danish electrical grid by the end of the year. When the wind farm is completed - by next year - the capacity of 400 MW, represents approx. 4% of the total Danish electricity consumption.

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