MT Højgaard trims its organisation

30. October 2012

MT Højgaard is strengthening competitiveness with a leaner organisation and lower costs.

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Like other companies in the construction and civil engineering industry, MT Højgaard has encountered major challenges in recent years which have led to significantly poorer results. Through a number of initiatives, the management is in the process of turning the company around, so that it can return to profitability.

- Since March we have adjusted our market strategy, which involves selecting projects more carefully and composing the project portfolio to suit our competences and desired risk profile. As a result there are fewer projects and thus a reduced need for employees in both operation and support functions, says MT Højgaard's acting President and CEO Jørgen Nicolajsen.

By lowering general costs through streamlining and reducing internal processes, the efficiency and competitiveness of MT Højgaard, and the Group as a whole, will be increased. MT Højgaard has therefore taken the decision to cut 150 jobs. All employees affected by the decision will be informed during the day.

- It is a matter of regret to see capable people leave the company. And I fully understand that for all those affected, this is an undesirable and difficult situation. But it is necessary to trim the organisation's resources to the size and type of projects that our customers request and are expected to request henceforth, says Jørgen Nicolajsen.

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