MT Højgaard wins major bridge construction project in Sweden

23. December 2013

MT Højgaard is going to construct the new Marieholm Bridge spanning the river Göta Älv in Gothenburg. The project, which will be a joint venture with Skanska, involves a 1.5 kilometre long railroad bridge with a cycle lane and walkway. The new bridge will connect important harbour- and industrial areas.

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The new bridge will be constructed south of the existing Marieholm Bridge, which already connects Gothenburg Port with important industrial areas and transport connections to the rest of Sweden and Norway. The new bridge will increase rail capacity, which is important because the existing bridge is limited to a single rail track. This leaves it vulnerable to breakdown, which can have a major impact on the area.

MT Højgaard will be in charge of producing and installing the steel bridge, while Skanska will be in charge of concrete constructions and earthworks. Similar to the first bridge, the new bridge is a combined lift-swing bridge with an opening section of 72 metres.

- We have more than 80 years of experience constructing steel bridges all over the world, so naturally I am very pleased that we have been chosen for this project. We possess the experience required to manage such complex projects, and our expertise regarding design, production and assembly helps to ensure a solid solution for the client, says senior project director at MT Højgaard, Henning Schultz.

The new Marieholm Bridge stretches 1.5 kilometres spanning across both the Gotä Älv and the Säverån River as well as the industrial areas Marieholm and Tingstad.

Facts about the project

  • The construction of the new Marieholm Bridge is a joint venture between MT Højgaard (30 percent) and Skanska (70 percent)
  • The contract sum is SEK 790.6 million, while MT Højgaard’s expected revenue is ap-proximately SEK 237.2 million
  • The new Marieholm Bridge is financed by the Swedish government, the city of Gothenburg, Gothenburg Port, the region of Västra Götaland and Volvo AB
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