MT Højgaard wins project in Qatar

10. November 2014

Construction of a new concrete bridge and creation of a sandy beach, a swimming area and coastal protection represent the first major project for MT Højgaard in Qatar. The contract has a value of DKK 77 million.

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MT Højgaard has signed a contract with Contraco WLL, one of the leading construction and infrastructure companies in Qatar. The project involves the establishment of a new 350 meter concrete bridge, a swimming area and the creation of 300 meters of sandy beach. Before the swimming area and the sandy beach can be established, a large amount of sandstone has be cut out and taken away.

MT Højgaard has a strong and experienced team of employees in Qatar who have the skills and equipment necessary to perform the task, and with a contract of DKK 77 million, the project is the first major project in recent times for MT Højgaard in Qatar.

Vice President at MT Højgaard Steffen Kremmer explains that planning the project has been a lengthy process.

- We have had a good dialogue about the planning and design of the contractual relationship, and we look forward to a good cooperation, which hopefully extends further into the future than this project, he said.

Contraco WLL has several projects in the pipeline which they are interested in MT Højgaard being a part of:

- With our strong expertise in marine works and concrete and Contraco's insight and market position in Qatar, a successful collaboration can lead to several good contracts with them, says Steffen Kremmer.

The work will commence early next week and continue into next year, when the project is scheduled to be completed in October 2015.

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