Winning team selected for the new school in Odder

17. June 2015

It has just been announced that the MT Højgaard/DEAS team will be building and operating the new school in Odder, Skovbakkeskole, for the Municipality of Odder in a Public-Private Cooperation (PPC).

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The new school will house 650 pupils as well as a daycare centre and a kindergarten for 100 children. The school will go up to the existing school, which will be open throughout the construction process.

The team won the contract by providing a solution that gives the new school the best framework for learning, movement and community. The school is to be built in two stages, which will be completed in July and December 2017 respectively.

"We will build a brand-new school providing optimal and flexible settings for many years ahead," says Joan Clausen, PPP/PPC Project Manager at MT Højgaard, and continues: “A construction process focused on sustainability, energy optimisation and long-term solutions will serve to minimise Odder’s future utility expenses”.

Built as a PPC

The Municipality of Odder put the school contract out to tender under a public-private cooperation.

"The public-private cooperation and partnership model is an obvious choice for school projects. The municipality can benefit from leaving it to teams like ours to deliver a project that gives both children and adults the best framework for school and subsequently ensures its sound operation and efficient maintenance. For about ten years, we have been operating and maintaining schools in Denmark, so we bring in the great experience we have gained,” says Lars Olaf Larsen, Business Unit Manager in the property management company DEAS which, together with MT Højgaard, will be responsible for operating and maintaining the school for a 25-year period.

As part of the contract, we are to maintain buildings and installations and keep them up-to-date, thus enabling the new school to keep its quality high and its operating costs predicable and constant throughout the period.

The school will be the winning team’s fourth common school project under a public-private partnership. The team has already delivered Nordstjerneskolen in Frederikshavn, Vildbjerg Skole and Ørstedskolen in Rudkøbing.


  • built under a public-private cooperation by MT Højgaard (construction) and DEAS (operation and maintenance)
  • project price: approx. DKK 250 million
  • architect: CEBRA
  • consulting engineers: MT Højgaard
  • contracting authority: The Municipality of Odder
  • area: 9,300 m2 distributed on two floors
  • date of occupancy: 2017

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