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Flexible head office with beautiful light conditions in a new and exciting area

In Høje Taastrup, MT Højgaard has, in collaboration with the tenant, developed a head office for the engineering company Orbicon. The property totals 7,100 m2 and has been built in line with MT Højgaard’s MultiFlex Office concept.

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Architect: DISSING+WEITLING. Consulting engineer: Orbicon

By using the MultiFlex Office principles, we optimise the use of space while ensuring a high degree of flexibility in terms of materials and installations. This means that users can change the layout of their offices whenever needed.

Since the requirements of today’s businesses are always changing, office buildings should be able to adapt accordingly and this is reflected in Orbicon’s new premises. 

Orbicon’s office is located in Høje Taastrup in an area that is undergoing a particularly exciting development. Over the next few years, we expect to see many new companies relocating to this area and to contribute to an inspiring environment that will benefit the entire Høje Taastrup municipality.

The head office is designed so that the day light is optimally utilised.

The head office is built in line with the Multiflex Office concept and the layout can continuously be adapted to the needs of the users.

Project developed in-house

Orbicon’s premises have been developed by MT Højgaard’s Project Development & PPP (Public Private Partnership) Division. They have been sold to Hedeselskabet with Orbicon as the sole tenant.

The project was developed on MT Højgaard’s own land. We were responsible for building the premises in partnership with Lindpro. The architecture meets all the requirements of a modern office development and great emphasis has been put on the optimum use of daylight to enable the occupants of the building to enjoy the sunlight.

Orbicon’s head office which measures 7,100 m2 has been constructed with a focus on the use of sustainable materials.


During the construction, we focused on using sustainable materials, which means that the building complies with LE2020 and qualifies for DGNB silver certification.

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