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New maternity ward for Slagelse Hospital creates the basis for the optimum patient experience

The building of the maternity ward at Slagelse hospital is taking place in a Public-Private Partnership (PPP). The ward will have delivery rooms on the ground floor and a further three floors with 180 beds and treatment rooms. The total area for the new ward will comprise 18,000 m2 when it is ready at the beginning of 2018.

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Project Details

Project Name

Slagelse Hospital


In progress


Hospitals, Public-Private Partnership, Design and engineering




Public sector contracting entity: Region Zealand. Client: PPP Slagelse Sygehus of PensionDanmark, PKA, Industriens Pension and SamPension


Architect: Arkitema. Engineers: MT Højgaard – Design & Engineering and MOE

The maternity ward is one of the largest PPPs in Denmark within the hospital sector. In addition to the construction of the new building, the project comprises external operation and maintenance for 20 years in a partnership between public and private enterprises. As the design and build contractor, MT Højgaard is responsible for building the ward, and we will also be responsible for the external operation of the building in partnership with DEAS.

The maternity ward at Slagelse Hospital will have delivery rooms on the ground floor and a further three floors with 180 beds and treatment rooms.

3D modelling ensures error-free structures and installations 

MT Højgaard’s responsibility includes the design at Slagelse Hospital. In this respect, our Design and Engineering division is managing the load-bearing structures. We have used 3D design, including collision control, with the result that structures and installations are error-free, and that the project is buildable. The design has been undertaken in close co-operation with DEAS.

During the detailed dimensioning of the load-bearing structures, we have primarily used Strusoft software, and the modelling of the structures was performed at our office in Vietnam. The two new buildings will be constructed using concrete elements and with basement structures cast in-situ.

The ward will have a total acerage of 18,000 m2.

The ward is expected to be finished in the beginning of 2018.

Tunnels cast in-situ, carpentry, ceilings and plaster walls

At MT Højgaard, we are responsible for the entire project. This means that we are linking the new buildings with existing hospital buildings in the area through tunnels cast in-situ and footbridges executed in steel. We are also responsible for all internal plaster walls, suspended ceilings, internal doors, carpentry and much more.

The result will be an imposing hospital building with many fine details, where the focus is on bringing nature into the courtyards, which can be used by staff and patients when they need a break or a quiet moment.

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