Industrialised BIM - using data to drive productivity

This approach enables MT Højgaard to centrally monitor and benchmark BIM performance for individual projects but also across MT Højgaard’s entire project portfolio. It is important for MT Højgaard to assess which aspects of BIM that contribute to our productivity agenda. BIM in MT Højgaard is one of many tools supporting our strategy to increase productivity in the AEC industry. 

This paper provides insight to MT Højgaard’s approach to industrialised BIM and how a data driven approach is used to inform decision-making. The paper describes how achievements on individual projects were transformed into organisational best practice and in turn increased productivity for BIM in the organisation.

This paper shows how MT Højgaard experience benefits from standardisation and performance measurements. MT Højgaard believes these are essential elements that must be incorporated in
the construction industry in order to effectively identify and overcome current challenges to productivity.

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