Health and safety in MT Højgaard

We insist on a safe working environment

A safe working environment is important to our employees as well as business. Therefore health and safety is a top priority in our daily work. We focus on and believe that a good working relationship can create a safe working environment. All employees are obliged to take the responsibility for taking care of themselves and each other so we all can come home safely every day.

We have a vision of zero accidents. We work systematically to improve safety at our construction sites. Our specific working environment objective is to maintain an industrial accident frequency of less than 5 for all employees. By the end of 2015 the industrial accident frequency was 4.7.

External certification agency

Because of the importance of a safe working environment, we have an external certification agency to carry out working environment certification. 

It means that we commit ourselves to constantly improving our working environment. We are checked every six months by DNV, which ensures that we have achieved the necessary improvement.

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Guests on our construction sites

When you are a guest on one our construction sites, our working environment guidelines also apply to you.

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A safe working environment

By creating a culture where everyone takes responsibility for a safe working environment and takes care of themselves and one another, many work-related accidents can be avoided.

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Safety weeks

In MT Højgaard a safe working environment is an important part of our daily work. When we twice a year hold safety weeks – we merely put extra focus on safety.

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