The phases in partnering

Phase 0: Sale

  • the team is selected based on close dialogue with you 
  • a partnering agreement is worked out which establishes the framework for the further process

Phase 1: Specifying

  • the extent of the project is assessed in relation to quality, time and budget
  • mutual trust is built between all participants, and important focus areas are prioritised in close collaboration with the other stakeholders
  • all parties sign a binding contract agreement

Phase 2: Execution

  • the collaboration is evaluated, and new participants in the team are informed about special focus areas in the project
  • construction starts, and the demand for a high information level is in focus throughout the process.

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Partnering is a form of collaboration in a building concept where the parties' expectations regarding quality, time and budget are aligned before the contract is signed.

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Partnering is a process that takes time. The collaboration requires that everyone involved is prepared to allocate the necessary resources for dialogue.

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Public-Private Partnership is all about quality and economy over time.

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