The roles in partnering

The project group

The project group is ”the constant core” in the building or construction project. The project group conceives and develops the process and project. It is thus important that there is good chemistry between everyone in the group. The project group consists of the client, the consultant and the contractor at project manager level.

The steering group

The steering group's role is primarily to keep the project group on the right track and maintain focus on the collaboration, the commitment and shared objectives for process and project. The steering group consists of the client, the consultant and the contractor at director level.

Key individuals (project group and steering group members)

It is important that the key individuals can listen and can maintain focus on the success criteria. It is of great significance that all the key individuals participate from start to finish, and that there is trust between the parties.


Especially on larger projects, a mediator can help prevent conflicts and quickly solve conflicts that may arise.

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