About certifications

Sustainable certifications

At MT Højgaard, we work with the sustainable certifications BREEAM, LEEDDGNB and with Passive House and GreenBuilding for certification of energy efficiency. When you work with these certification schemes together with us, we ensure that your building is submitted for the certification that you require.

We help you to:

  • ensure that certification requirements are complied with
  • prepare reports in connection with the certification
  • apply for and submit a report for the issuing of the official certificate

The most sustainability for your money

We work with certifications from an overall economic perspective. We advise you from the start of the building project on which certification best suits your building, so you get the most sustainability for your money.

From the outline phase and throughout the building project, we optimise your wishes in collaboration with other parties including engineers, architects, suppliers and authorities.


LEEDBREEAM and DGNB are certifications of sustainable buildings involving the following benefits:

  • reduced operating costs
  • excellent indoor climate and a healthier building
  • reduced impact on the environment
  • integrated energy solutions
  • higher sale prices and rentals
  • strong signal value

Certifications of energy efficiency

Passive House and GreenBuilding are certifications where the focus is more on the energy aspect of the building.

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Passive House

Passive House is a certification scheme which focuses on the energy aspects of a building, including primary energy consumption.

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LEED's point system indicates the extent of sustainability in a building.

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