DGNB is a German certification scheme based on European standards from TC 350 and adjusted to German and coming EU requirements.

MT Højgaard is part of GreenBuilding Council Denmark, where we are collaborating with other significant players in construction and property investment to make a Danish version of DGNB.

Overall economics and future-ready certification scheme

Although DGNB is not yet particularly widespread internationally, it is the certification scheme which in most cases we will recommend in the future. The scheme includes all facets of sustainability and has good weighting between environment, economics and social aspects. The diagram below shows how the various categories are weighted.

DGNB is a second generation certification system based on the best of BREEAM and LEED. In addition, the system provides better opportunities for creativity and innovation, and is also supplemented with an overall economic perspective.



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MT Højgaard has lengthy experience in developing and constructing industrial and commercial projects.

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