Environmental consideration

Optimising our processes

We respect and protect the environment. We aim to ensure that our employees are trained to perform their tasks in an environmentally sound manner in compliance with existing rules.

At our construction sites and in our offices, we optimise our processes in order to minimise the company's environmental impact.

Furthermore, we encourage the development and spread of technologies that promote environmentally sound solutions.

Reducing environmental impact

Construction and building materials can have a wide-ranging impact on the environment. Therefore, we have implemented a number of measures to reduce environmental impact.

These include:

  • Sorting and recycling of construction site waste
  • Saving on water and electricity via heat pumps in on-site cabins
  • An idle-running regulation, and lighting which switches off automatically

We have also introduced smaller-scale initiatives such as double-sided printing, AutoPowerOff plug banks and company bicycles for personal transport between offices.

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