The TrimBuild concept

Organisation requires collaboration

We define the distribution of roles on the construction site early in the process and ensure a clear division of responsibility and tasks between the key players. We also introduce central process management.

Planning focused on preconditions

We focus on preconditions and prepare activities thoroughly when the building case starts. On the construction site, we subsequently operate with a short planning horizon to increase predictability and ensure sound activities.

Coordination ensures the best possible working conditions

Process management supports collaboration across all construction site players and ensures a continuous cross-disciplinary coordination of activities. In this way we create an even workflow on the construction site and ensure the optimal result for the project.

Follow-up so we do not repeat errors

We continuously register whether the building process follows the plans, so we can optimise the process. If we identify that something is going wrong, we find the cause, evaluate it and ensure that it does not happen again.

Evaluation focused on knowledge sharing

Between projects we evaluate the collaboration, building process and the experience gained from individual projects. We ensure that good experience is incorporated in our management system, so we do not repeat the same errors in the next project.

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