VDC Labs

All our VDC Labs are connected digitally and thus act as nodes in a network of skills and projects. It is possible to draw on resources and experts from all over the world, and in that way, our VDC Labs play an essential role in learning and communicating new information, technology, tools, processes and VDC skills.

All information in one place
Gathering technology, people and skills in the same place is essential to be successful in simulating a project virtually from start to finish.
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The layout of the Lab 
The creative process is controlled and efficient, and the lab layout and design leave room for ideas to flourish and come to life. In that way efficiency, buildability and productivity will have optimum conditions well before the first turf is cut.
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The Mobile Lab
Together with Lindpro and others, we have jointly developed a mobile lab in a modular concept allowing us to move VDC quickly and effectively to a collaborative partner or a construction site.
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BIM in public sector and municipal housing construction

For construction projects undertaken for public sector clients, two ICT notifications help to form the framework for our construction activities...

Building Information Modeling

We systematically employ BIM for our construction and civil works projects.

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Intro to VDC

Here you will be given a thorough understanding of VDC. We will show you how MT Højgaard moves from 2D to 6D. A process that benefits all parties working together on a given project.

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