New plant for chemical waste in Nyborg

MT Højgaard has constructed a new reception plant for solid chemical waste in Nyborg. The reception plant, which measures 30 x 20 x 9 metres above the ground, was constructed on an old landfill area. An excavation of about six metres depth was also made. The building is seated on 200 piles of armoured concrete, and has three very large gateways at one end where the chemical waste can be dumped.

Nine metre tall forms

The concrete building covering 600 m2 was cast on site. The largest casting consisted of 175 m3 concrete and was cast in one day in nine metre high forms. The armouring itself was executed by means of strong mesh tied together in two layers on the ground and then lifted into the form.

The construction of the reception plant was a comprehensive task with a very tight schedule. Logistics therefore had to be first class to keep track of the many people, machines and equipment that were present in a limited area.

Water caused problems

The construction site was right next to the waters of the Great Belt, and since we cast to six metres depth, it was important that the excavation was dry. It turned out however to be a greater challenge to lower the groundwater than we thought. Instead of the original solution, we pumped the water away.

Since the water in the excavation was polluted, it was filtered through sand filters for the larger particles and then through tanks with charcoal filters before it was finally discharged into the wastewater system.

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