Renovation of Møn Bridge

Concrete renovation of Møn Bridge

Extensive concrete renovation is being carried out on the 750 metre long bridge connecting Zealand with the island of Møn. The work is being undertaken in order to keep road and shipping traffic flowing freely for many years to come.

The project, which we are carrying out for the Danish Road Directorate, involves complete renovation of all the concrete. The entire upper deck of the bridge will be renovated, and edge beams and railings will be replaced.

The existing surfaces on walkways and roads will be replaced with a 100 mm layer of reinforced concrete, on top of which a 7 mm synthetic surface will be laid.

Keeping the bridge open to traffic

In addition to the concrete renovation, we are also executing traffic management and drilling and cutting work. A major challenge is the fact that the bridge must remain open to traffic, so we cannot cordon off the bridge completely. This means that we can only work on one lane at a time. Traffic lights have been set up so that vehicles can safely use the one lane which is accessible.

Specially constructed scaffolding vehicle

We have also designed a specially constructed scaffolding vehicle which runs on the side of the bridge, and enables us to carry out work close to the water.
This approach is necessary since the old edge beams and the crash barrier need to be cut away completely in order to install new ones.

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