Cloudburst Protection in Hellerup

Construction of an overflow pipe

For Københavns Energi, now called HOFOR, we have carried out many flood protection projects since 2011. In Hellerup we have executed several flood protection works and spillway pipes, including at Scherfigsvej, Strandpromenaden, Ved Eltham and Vilhelmdalsløbet.

One of our projects involved establishing an overflow pipe from Scherfigsvej pump station out into the bay at Svanemøllen. The 150 metre long overflow pipe has a number of associated small-scale constructions, and with the exception of the outlet, all of it was established underground.

Reconstruction of the overflow chamber

A large part of the project was a reconstruction of the overflow chamber at Ved Eltham, which previously carried wastewater directly to Scherfigsvej pump station.

The overflow chamber had encountered major difficulties in handling large amounts of wastewater during downpours, which on several occasions caused flooding of both the pump station and the adjacent headquarters of WHO. The overflow system has now been changed so that in extreme situations the water can run directly out into an open canal with an outlet into the bay at Svanemøllen.

Using the canal as a skating rink

Part of the newly built canal, into which the water is discharged during downpours, passes Hellerup school. This part of the canal has been constructed as a skating rink for use when the weather is dry.

The projects in Hellerup were carried out for Københavns Energi, now called HOFOR, for whom we have executed many projects over the years – including various forms of concrete construction and civil works, including the rerouting of pipes on Nørrebro, an alteration of the Belvedere Basin and flood protection at Frederiksholms Kanal.


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