Flood protection at Frederiksholm Canal

Two new drainage pipes

Many businesses and restaurants in the area around Slotsholmen in Copenhagen were severely impacted during the summer of 2011.

The water flooded the streets and could not be led away, despite the fact that the harbour canal is right next to them.

In order to limit cloudburst damage in the centre of Copenhagen we have established two new drainage pipes for Københavns Energi to Frederiksholms Canal near Fortunstræde and Boldhusgade.

Rainwater is led away from the streets

The centre of Copenhagen is now better prepared to deal with cloudbursts in the future, because the rainwater can now be led away from the streets and into the harbour through grating in the pavement.

Københavns Energi had specifically asked MT Højgaard to carry out the task and help with solution proposals because, in 2005-2006, we renovated quay 132 for By & Havn, through which the new drainage pipes were to go.

Other cloudbursts tasks

For Københavns Energi we have also carried out cloudburst protection other places during 2012 – including extra protection to relieve the Vilhelmsdal channel at Tuborg Øst in Hellerup and cloudburst protection at the seafront at Svanemølle bay.

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Railway tunnel under the Great Belt

Four giant tunnel boring machines were custom-built for the execution in difficult seabed conditions of the eight kilometre tunnel under the Great Belt.

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Eidi 2, drilled tunnel, Skala

In a joint venture with the Faroese company J & K Petersen we have signed a new contract for carrying out the tunnel "Eiði 2 South".

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Thule Air Base

We replaced 125,000 square metres of asphalt surfacing on the taxiways at Thule Air Base. The materials were obtained from a nearby quarry and crushed locally.

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