Eidi 2, drilled tunnel, Skala

MT Højgaard has in a joint venture with the Faroese company J & K Petersen signed a new contract for carrying out the tunnel "Eiði 2 South" at the Faroe Islands.

Project description

The project comprises an 8.3 km drilled tunnel for accumulating additional water from a number of small rivers. The water tunnel will be supplying the Eiði hydropower plant with water for producing electricity. The Eiði hydropower plant was carried out from 1985-1989 by Højgaard & Schultz (one of the companies that merged to form MT Højgaard).

The diameter of the tunnel is 3.3 m and the drilling will be made by the use of a Robbins full face TBM (Tunnel boring machine) which is supplied by the client. We have drilled another 25 km of tunnel using the exact same TBM on earlier projects so we feel well equipped for this new project.

The execution phase will be 40 months.

Well-known client

Our client is the Faroese energy company SEV, with whom we have a long-standing working relationship, since we have carried out many projects for them.

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