Thule Air Base

MT Højgaard has many years' experience working in the Arctic conditions prevailing in Greenland, where we have established mining operations, constructed ports and coastal protection, and built homes, institutions, and hospitals. MT Højgaard has also twice replaced the asphalt surfacing of the taxiways at Thule Air Base in northwest Greenland, for USAF.

Materials came direct from the quarry

Airport taxiways connect the runways with the hangars, terminals and other facilities. From 2002-2006 we replaced 125,000 m2 of asphalt and carried out smaller-scale earthworks and concrete work in the airport area.

A special feature of the job was that MT Højgaard itself produced the materials used in the construction work. Stone obtained from a nearby quarry was transported to a crusher where gravel and asphalt were produced.

White asphalt prevents heating

In the first phase of the project, which covered 55,000 m2, we reused the existing asphalt. In the second phase, the broken up asphalt was shipped to Denmark for destruction for environmental reasons.

When building in this part of Greenland it is important that the permafrost under the new surface does not become heated. So the asphalt was painted white to reduce absorption of solar radiation by the asphalt.

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