Oluvil Port Development Project

The Oluvil Port Development Plan includes construction of both a commercial port and a basin for fishing vessels. MT Højgaard is carrying out the project in two phases. During the first phase, two breakwaters will be constructed. During the second phase, dredging will be undertaken to enable the port to handle vessels of up to 16,000 tons.

Port along east coast of Sri Lanka

The port is to be built on an open shore and will be spread along 1.4 km of the coastline on the east coast of Sri Lanka. The commercial (cargo) section comprises 330 m quay at 8 m depths and the fisheries section comprises 200 m quay at 3 m depths. The marine works comprises 1.5 km breakwaters with all associated works in about 0-9 m water depth with 1.2 million m³ of dredging, reclamation, quay walls, navigational aids, 200,000 m³ of beach nourishment, land fill etc.

One million tons of stones for the breakwaters are to be blast and sorted in our stone quarry. Dredging at the entrance to the port will be 10 m.

Land Works consist of construction of all buildings, services, roads, boundary walls, ice plant and cold store, ware house and utilities for the operation of the port and the fisheries section. In addition a new 4.2 km sea stone wall around the harbour and new port access road will be constructed.

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