Head office for LandboMidtØst in Søften

Consultancy company LandboMidtØst services and advises farmers in areas such as accounts, operating economy, and cattle and pig production.

In 2010, LandboMidtØst's six branches in central Jutland were amalgamated into two offices in central and eastern Jutland, one in Viborg and the other in Søften. A new 8,600 m2 head office was thus constructed in Søften with space for around 250 employees.

Low energy building constructed to Energy Class 2 standards

MT Højgaard was chosen to construct the head office in 2009-2010. It is a low energy building constructed to Energy Class 2 standards. LandboMidtØst thus sets an example for its members.

Four levels encircle an atrium

Based on functionality, flexible design and short walking distances, LandboMidtØst's new centre is organised in four levels around an atrium.

On each level of the building and at the centre of the atrium, there is a square which connects the building's two long sides. The atrium square creates a dynamic link through the buildings and provides visual and physical contact between the floors.

Good acoustics

The building's exterior has a combination of dark brick facades, light mortar joints and light aluminium facades. The paving stones in front of the building are black with light edging stones in granite to match the building.

Internally, the building features light Nordic materials on floors and walls. The shared areas have light Jura Grau natural stones and lacquered ash wood parquet.

The office areas are covered with cleaning-friendly and soundproofed carpet tiles. The walls are made of white plaster, concrete and glass. Good acoustics was a significant parameter for the client, so an acoustic wall made of ash wood was installed in the atrium. In addition, noise-reducing glass was used to avoid distracting noise from colleagues.

Low operating costs

In relation to the technical installations, great emphasis was attached to durability as well as low operating and maintenance costs.

It was also important that the indoor climate regulation could be individually operated. Each office was therefore equipped with a panel where heating, cooling, ventilation and the electric blinds can be regulated.

Even extended operation of the burglar alarm can be managed individually from each office. All light is operated from the building's energy management system, and concerning control of lighting, daylight management and movement detection have been used to a great extent. The sanitary appliances are of the highest quality with wall-mounted toilets and touch-free fixtures.

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