New domicile for Novo Nordisk

New workplace for 1,100 employees

The new domicile in Bagsværd will accommodate around 1,100 employees, and will enable Novo Nordisk to consolidate a number of the group's administrative and shared functions which are currently spread across Greater Copenhagen.

The buildings comprise a total floor area of 50,000 square metres, placed in a green area near the group's other premises in Bagsværd.

Energy-optimised solutions

Novo Nordisk requires an up-to-date and efficient setting for its growing activities, and has stressed the need for energy-optimised solutions concerning light, air and energy consumption.

Simple stylish design

Henning Larsen Architects has designed the new domicile, which consists of two attractive buildings in a simple, suitably styled design that harmonises with the surrounding area.

One of the buildings is a four-storey wedge-shaped structure, while the other is a six-storey cylindrical building.

Experience in domicile construction
We have previously constructed several large domicile buildings for clients, with a focus on quality and future-readiness regarding both interior design and environment.

See examples of domiciles we have built

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