Head office on Tagensvej, Copenhagen N

MT Højgaard constructed a property on Tagensvej in Copenhagen in 2010. The new building lies directly next to several preserved buildings, and the building style is therefore also inspired by them. This created a unified area and homogeneity between the buildings.

The building on Tagensvej houses premises for shops and offices. It is a four storey building with a top storey that has sloping roof surfaces. The other part of the building lies towards a side street to Tagensvej – this part was made in three storeys and features a roof terrace.

Good ventilation

The building is constructed with great interior design flexibility and a complete ventilation system, which enables airing of all rooms without opening the windows. The courtyard is sculpturally designed, providing an exterior oasis that is screened, in terms of sounds, from Tagensvej.

The total floor area is 2,145 m2. There is a basement of 473 m2.

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