City 2 Høje Taastrup

In Høje Taastrup west of Copenhagen lies City 2 shopping centre, which opened in 1975.  Through the 80s, 90s and 00s, the centre was rebuilt and modernised several times, with MT Højgaard being regularly involved.

Consideration for the surroundings

When a commercial building needs to be modernised or refurbished,  there is more to it than good workmanship. Consideration also needs to be given to the people who depend on the building being in operation while the refurbishment work is going on. MT Højgaard has many years of experience in handling this. The centre's customers often get close to the construction site and sometimes they need to walk almost through the construction site on their way to the centre.

A modern shopping centre

Over the years, MT Højgaard has carried out several of the rebuilding and refurbishment tasks at City 2. In 1995/96, MT Højgaard built an extension to City 2, which forms part of what is called the yellow area of the centre.

Lots of shoppers are good for business, but it also means wear and tear. MT Højgaard was asked to rebuild the entire yellow area in City 2 in 2007-08, so that it now offers customers a modern shopping centre where there is space and air for them to shop comfortably.

Shop refurbishment of 14 leases

In total 12,900 m² were affected including 14 leases. We constructed new stairwells and elevator shafts, as well as a new technical room. The rebuilding of the yellow area also affected the centre square, where travelators and walkways were rebuilt.

MT Højgaard also refurbished the centre's three entrances, which are called yellow, green and white. On level 3, the former Magasin, Netto and three smaller leases were altered into one large Føtex store of 5,100 m² in total.

City2 is operated by Steen & Strøm, which is Scandinavia's largest company in the development and management of shopping centres.



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