Fire insulation in Field’s

Field’s, Scandinavia's largest shopping centre, has large steel and glass constructions like many other significant buildings of our time. And that makes fire insulation especially important. Steel loses its rigidity at 450C and so quickly loses its weight-bearing capacity in a fire. This can cost a lot of people their lives.

The building can withstand a fire for at least one hour

In 2003–2005, MT Højgaard insulated the steel constructions and other constructions, so that they can withstand very high temperatures for at least one hour, which is enough time to evacuate the many thousands of visitors and staff from the shopping centre.

One of the largest fire insulation tasks

The fire insulation consists of Rockwool insulation of steel, pillars and ventilation shafts as well as applying fire-retardant paint to selected elements and steel constructions. Trapezoidal slab roofs, several walls and some shafts were also fire insulated. In addition MT Højgaard made vertical and horizontal fire closures of various storey partitions, and condensation insulation of internal and external fascias.

Since Field’s covers an area of 115,000 m², it was one of the largest fire insulation tasks ever undertaken in Denmark. The work required careful planning and coordination with nearly everyone involved in the building project.

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