Nuuk Bymidte

Nuuk Bymidte is a new three storey office and retail store building, which MT Højgaard has constructed for property company NuukCity ApS. The building is located on Nuuk's pedestrian street and covers 3,620 m2 in total. Nuuk Bymidte, which was designed by the architectural firm TNT in Nuuk, has been joined with the Bank of Greenland's headquarters in Nuuk, which MT Højgaard also constructed.

Nuuk Bymidte consists of both offices and shops. The ground floor has shops, while the first floor features a retail store and warehouse area and the second floor features office sections.

Skywalk connects the buildings

When customers want to go shopping on the first floor, one of the ways they can enter the building is via a covered walkway, a so-called skywalk. It is 14 metres long and seven metres wide, and connects the neighbouring building, Brugsen, with the retail store building's first floor. The skywalk also contains a café.

Foundation anchored in the bedrock

The retail store building's foundation stands on bored piles, some of which are anchored directly in the bedrock. The lowest floor is supported by in-situ cast foundation girders, which are tensioned between the bored piles. The main construction above ground is a beam girder system from AL Stål with concrete decking.

The stability of the building has been achieved with cross bracings. The building will also comprise three in-situ-cast staircase and elevator cores, one of which will constitute the join with the Bank of Greenland.

A to Z solution

We offered an A to Z solution to the client, property company NuukCity ApS, where we handled development of the project and constructions, and our local office in Nuuk handled the execution of the building.

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