SMS shopping centre

The SMS shopping centre in Tórshavn on the Faroe Islands was rebuilt, expanded and refurbished in 2005. The shopping centre consists of about 30 shops and lies in the centre of Tórshavn.

The work was carried out as a partnering project, where MT Højgaard handled the rebuilding. MT Højgaard has a long experience with shop construction. Rebuilding, expanding or refurbishing often needs to be carried out while a centre is open for business, which was also the case with the SMS shopping centre.

The challenges of the rebuilding of the SMS shopping centre were the very complex logistics, and that the design was made as rebuilding started. It required close dialogue and good collaboration between the project parties. Because of this, it was a great advantage that the project was carried out in a partnering collaboration.

Rebuilding in three stages

The centre was expanded by about 1,800 m2, including an extension of 450 m2. A new underground car park with space for an additional 75 cars was constructed in extension of the existing underground car park. The construction was carried out in three stages according to the client's wishes.

In the first stage the supermarket was rebuilt, and all shop fittings and goods were put in place so that the supermarket was ready for operation as quickly as possible.

In the second stage, the shops in the middle of the centre were expanded, and the roof over the centre square was raised. Out of consideration for customers and staff in the centre during the rebuilding, MT Højgaard constructed work platforms at a height, from which the work could be executed undisturbed, and the centre could function underneath the platforms.

In the third and last stage, all shops were closed in the southernmost part of the centre, while comprehensive rebuilding was carried out.

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