Schæffergården refurbished

In Charlottenlund north of Copenhagen lies Schæffergården conference centre, which also houses the Wohlert restaurant. This has just been expanded and thoroughly refurbished with Danish designer furniture from the 1970s. The building was created in 1972 by the architect Vilhelm Wohlert, whose work includes the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art building in Humlebæk.

Preserving style while modernising

MT Højgaard carried out the comprehensive refurbishment of the Wohlert restaurant which brought the building up to date.

The Wohlert building, which contains a kitchen, restaurant and hotel rooms on the upper floor, has now been modernised from top to bottom. The restaurant was also expanded, and MT Højgaard constructed the new building which connects the Wohlert wing with the exclusive Villa Helene. The style from 1972 was preserved, but the rooms, restaurant, kitchen and the building itself have been upgraded to modern standards.

Refurbishment with sensitivity

The refurbishment work was undertaken with sensitivity, since the Wohlert building is worthy of preservation because of its architectural design.

The design of the building also made the project complicated in terms of building technology, since we had to undercut and recast some existing foundations. It required both technical expertise and aesthetic execution of all the visible work.

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