Vejlefjord is a rehabilitation centre with hotel and conference facilities. In 2006-2008, a comprehensive modernisation, rebuilding and extension of Vejlefjord was undertaken, which gave more space for patients, conference attendees and other users. MT Højgaard handled the entire project.

Modern, functional building with respect for history

With the modernisation, the centre's beautiful main building from 1900 was converted into a hotel. Sections of the original buildings were significantly improved - a whole wing was rebuilt into a hotel with luxury suites; an extension from the 1950s was given a much needed face lift, and new rooms were equipped with modern facilities. In addition an exclusive restaurant was established in the top floor. Altogether, a modern functional building was created with respect for history.

Consideration for users

The extensions consisted of two six-storey buildings, a conference centre with auditorium, and a recreational unit with thermal baths.

Construction was carried out in the vicinity of the rehabilitation centre, where people with brain injuries, who are often highly sensitive to noise, are under rehabilitation. The challenge for MT Højgaard was thus to reduce noise nuisance as much as possible.

Challenging subsurface conditions

Another special challenge was joining the conference centre to the main building. In order to do this, three large holes were made in the facade from the existing basement, which led to the facade being changed from line load to point load. The subsurface conditions could not support this. The existing foundation in the facade was thus cemented, after which a reinforced continuous footing was cast on both sides so that the load on the subsurface continued to be a line load.

When the cementing was executed, a number of drilled in-situ piles along the existing facade were established to keep the soil moisture content constant beneath the existing building. The subsurface conditions were such that the building was founded on concrete piles which were driven into the ground, onto which foundation beams were cast in-situ.

The three large holes in the existing facade were established with installation of large steel pillars in the existing facade. Temporary supporting structures then were placed on the facade, after which holes were cut for the horizontal steel beams.

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