Garnet Lake, Greenland

Potential diamond mine

The feasibility studies will reveal if the rock type kimberlite contains diamonds to a scale that exploration will be profitable.

Rough Greenlandic terrain

Apart from management of the site, machine operators and blasting foreman, we have also supplied the heavy equipment and planned logistics in connection with transport of the equipment from the shores of Paradise Valley to the site at Garnet Lake not far from the ice cap of Sukkertoppen.

It is a 40 km trip through the rough Greenlandic terrain with a rise of 1,200 m above sea level.

Kimberlite blasted into small pieces 

At the site rocks have been drilled and blasted, and the excess rock removed until the kimberlite was exposed.

The kimberlite was then blasted into small pieces and transported to the pre-crusher which again reduced it to fractions the size of approx. 150 mm.

The kimberlite continued its way through the main crusher that separates the diamonds from the rest. MT Højgaard has assisted during this process, e.g. by supplying the crusher with kimberlite.

Approximately 300 tons of kimberlite were blasted and crushed in 2007 and 560 tons in 2008.

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