Malmbjerget, Greenland

Malmbjerg contains molybdenum

Since 2007 MT Højgaard has been assisting Quadra Mining Ltd. with Feasibility Studies and further investigations in relation to the Malmbjerg deposit on the east coast of Greenland.

The Malmbjerg deposit contains high grade molybdenum which is used e.g. in steel alloys, and Quadra hopes to be able to start production in 2013.

On site

Over a three month period in 2008, 10-25 people have been working on the site, carrying out additional geotechnical, seismic and bathymetric surveys.

We have previously enlarged and moved the camp to its present location; we have set up agreements with subcontractors in catering, and we have carried out surveys on land and at sea.

Port site

An Icelandic ship and crew have thus worked at what is referred to as "port site" to carry out offshore surveys, and process plant, roads and airport have been marked in the terrain.

Theoretical considerations are now to be adapted to real life deep chasms and bedrock 40-50 metres below surface. This is to ensure that any necessary corrections are incorporated into the next phase of the project.

Polar bear visited camp

As a practical part of the work environment tasks on site, everybody has been instructed in the use of

firearms since a polar bear visited the camp on three occasions!

Work was continued at the home office

Having shut down the camp for the winter, work was continued at the home office, processing all new information into the project, assessing the design and constructability, re-estimating quantities, performing more detailed engineering and planning the mobilization for 2009-2010.

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Garnet Lake, feasibility studies, Greenland

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