Mestersvig - Earth works in North East Greenland

Landfarm and two reservoirs

We are establishing a large facility in North East Greenland, the facility consists of the landfarm itself and two small reservoirs which will collect the water. All reservoirs will be coated with a 1.5 mm geomembrane; a total of approx. 25,000 m² will be laid out. When the facility is complete, the polluted earth will be deposited.

Permafrost one meter below terrain

During excavation permafrost was found approx. one meter below terrain. It has therefore been necessary to remove the top layer and then wait for the permafrost to melt until it was possible to work with the partly thawed earth.

Logistics - a challenge one the east coast

Planning is of the utmost importance when working on the east coast of Greenland. There are no harbour facilities in Mestersvig and all equipment therefore had to unloaded to a barge from the cargo ship which was anchored 500 metres from land in the King Oscar Fjord.

Five year running periode

Work is expected to be completed in 2012. We are then responsible for a five-year running period during which the polluted earth has to be turned and fertilised every year.

Other mining projects


Tanbreez - Feasibility Study

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Isua Magnetite project, Greenland

Field work and site investigations in Greenland as well as subsequent consultancy for client.

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Garnet Lake, feasibility studies, Greenland

MT Højgaard has assisted the Canadian licensee Hudson Resources Inc. in their feasibility studies for diamonds on the west coast of Greenland.

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