TANBREEZ - Feasibility Study

Mining for Greener Technologies

The TANBREEZ mining project, owned by Australian Rimbal Pty Ltd, is located near Kringlerne in South Greenland.

"Mining for Greener Technologies" is the project slogan as the metals and rare earth elements to be extracted from the eudialyte in the area can be used in green technologies, e.g. in the space industry, as catalysts in car exhaust systems and to reduce emissions from diesel cars.

Definitive Feasibility Study and Site Activities 2010

Submitting an exploitation application to the Greenlandic authorities requires extensive investigations, analyses and documentation. MT Højgaard is well acquainted with these requirements and processes and is therefore conducting the Definitive Feasibility Study, based on the annual treatment of 500,000 tons of ore.

The 2010 field program has included core and percussion drilling, onshore research, bathymetric research in two lakes and the Kangerluarsuk Fjord, continuation of existing baseline studies plus investigations and measurements in Foster Lake.

The scope has been to conduct visual inspections for possible alignments for roads, crushers, processing plant, power plant, port, tailings storage and accommodation facilities.

MT Højgaard has also been responsible for all logistics, camp and helicopter service.

Looking ahead

MT Højgaard hopes to be heading the construction of most or all infrastructure, i.e. processing plant, mine camp, port site, storage facilities, roads, heliports, energy/water supply, sewage and waste treatment.

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